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Dr. Tia White, DSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker, researcher, program and curriculum developer, and training instructor.  With a Doctorate and master’s in social work, her education focus has been on the best ways to holistically empower communities, develop programs, initiate, translate, and apply research, and engage public safety in specialized clinical treatments.  

Over her career, she has been a certified Utah crisis worker and has worked as a community crisis interventionist and field trainer for a mobile crisis outreach team (MCOT). Tia has spent several years in regional emergency departments, leading patient crisis intervention efforts and directly supporting medical providers. She has 22+ years of experience working with a variety of populations and social systems, including international service-learning, forensics, individuals with disabilities, severe and chronic mental illness, geriatrics, child welfare, juvenile justice, and schools. Additionally, she is a passionate educator and has been an adjunct instructor for several years at two local universities.  


Dr. White is also the owner of The Wellness & Empowerment Center in Orem, UT. There she specializes in serving public safety professionals and their families. Tia concentrates her efforts on trauma-focused therapeutic interventions, such as Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), to help empower individuals' natural healing abilities.  





Jerry Lund is the Fire Captain/Paramedic currently working a local fire department since 1990 and SWAT medic with the police department in Utah since 2009.

Becoming a firefighter or police officer is not an easy process, and enduring each day the misfortunes, deaths, and accidents; changes a person forever. But it is the job of first responders every day, aptly put in the following words: "Where your worst nightmare is just another day at work."

His foremost experience as a first responder takes us way back to 1990, when he was EMT with Lehi City Ambulance in Lehi, Utah as a volunteer.

He achieved his education to become a paramedic, and he was determined to help the people of his city. He has dedicated a significant part of his life to saving people, witnessing how people tend to act when they see death right in front of them, and experiencing humans' vulnerability at worst.

He has been happily married for years now, with the love of his life and the father of six kids. Fortunate for him, he has two grandchildren; seeing them grow is an out-of-the-world experience. He enjoys his time outdoors with his family and plays sports with kids.

He travels whenever he can to experience the cultures of the world. Seeing them going about their day in their fashion is an amazing experience.

In his free time, he watches documentaries about all world religions, understanding the essence of life and the ideology behind this universe. Seeing other religions, how they perceive religion, how it influences their daily lives, and how it embodies them as humans are intriguing; it brings him closer to understanding the Higher power.






Sergeant Jake Styer has served in Utah public safety for 18 years.  He began his career as a 911 emergency police, fire, and medical dispatcher and went on to become a police officer for a local agency where he still serves today.  His academic achievements complement his extensive practical experience, having earned a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

Throughout his career, Sergeant Styer has demonstrated a commitment to excellence. He honed his skills and expertise over a decade-long tenure with a multi-agency SWAT team, assuming roles as entry officer, breacher, squad leader, and trainer. Notably, Jake played a pivotal role in the team's advancement by developing cutting-edge assessment and selection curriculum, showcasing his leadership and innovative approach to tactical operations.

Beyond his SWAT responsibilities, Sergeant Styer has proven himself as a versatile law enforcement professional, serving as a special victim investigator, executive protection team leader, and trainer. His roles as a patrol sergeant, defensive tactics trainer, peer support team member, and accreditation manager allow him to contribute significantly to both operational effectiveness and the well-being of his fellow officers. In addition to his primary duties, for the past 13 years he has served as an instructor at a local police academy.

Moreover, Jake’s impact extends beyond traditional law enforcement roles. His unique expertise in collaborating with mental health professionals has facilitated integration and skill adaptation between first responders and clinicians. He is recognized as a pioneer in developing and implementing cultural competency and personal safety programs for the human services field, underscoring his commitment to fostering a more effective therapeutic alliance between mental health professionals and first responders.

He can be reached at:


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